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Deniba Int'l Exchange

Deniba Int'l Exchange started operations regarding WPS, Remittance & Foreign Currency Exchange in RAK, more than 15 years of excellence passed. Deniba Int'l Exchange is one of the leading exchange company in the financial sector of UAE as well as one of the oldest & leading names in the UAE remittance market, presided by Mr. Abbas Muhammad Easa Ebrahim, Chairman, Deniba Int'l Exchange.

Since its inception in 1998 Deniba Int'l Exchange has seen many faces of the industry and crossed many milestones and reached to a position where the company can call itself an established, well recognized and customer centric organization where the focus is on providing the best available service to the clients through the best available medium at the best available price.

Address Info

Deniba International Exchange
Head Office: Opp. RAK Bank, Oman Road, Al Nakheel, RAK-UAE.
Telephone: +971 7 222 4202
E-mail: denibainfo@denibaexchange.com

Our Branches

Al Nakheel, Ras Al Khaimah
Telephone: 07-2224202
E-mail: alnakheelrak@denibaexchange.com

Safeena Round
Telephone: +971 7 233 9911
E-mail: safeenarak@denibaexchange.com

Shaam Branch
Telephone: 07-2667778
E-mail: shaamrak@denibaexchange.com

Deira Dubai Branch
Telephone: 04-2552282
E-mail: deiradxb@denibaexchange.com

Satwa Branch
Telephone: 971 4 2675413
E-mail: satwa@denibaexchange.com

  • Address: Deniba Int'l Exchange Opposite RAK Bank Oman Street, Al Nakheel Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E.
  • Phone: +971 7 2224202
  • Email: denibainfo@denibaexchange.com

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