WPS (Wages Protection System)

Our Salary Processing System gives you an easy and user friendly solution for processing your employee’s salaries as per the UAE Central Bank and UAE Ministry of Labor requirements according to the UAE Wages Protection system. Key Features

  1. Offering best rate for opening WPS accounts.
  2. We have a separate department for WPS dedicated to give services throughout the working hours.
  3. Opens WPS account instantly and does the salary payment within 24 hours after the salary fund is credited with us.
  4. Issuing  ATM (visa) card
  5. Direct transfers can be effected from our Central Bank account to the employees’s Bank account.
  6. Provides life coverage insurance – (optional)
  7. We do WPS salary disbursement at workers site- e.g. labor camps/construction sites. Etc. (subject to Central Bank Approval)