Leader payment System is a payment and remittance processing company headquartered in Dubai, UAE. It is a provider of innovative payment solutions for banks, financial institutions and merchants in the Middle East.

There are five core streams in Leader’s business in UAE.


ü  Worldwide remittance platform http://www.leadermena.ae/

ü  Network of innovative self-service payment kiosks http://www.leadermena.ae/

ü  Leomoney, an electronic-wallet https://leomoney.com/ae-en

ü  PayStore – a patented balance aggregating platform http://paystore.com/

ü  Own loyally platform that rewards Leader’s customers

ü  24/7 Customer service supportinfo@leadermt.ae

 LEADER system is a perfect partner for those who want to transfer their money and make all kinds of payments in the most secure and fast way. Our company was founded in 2003 and works with more than 560 banks, financial organizations and over 2700 service providers in 135 countries.

You can conveniently use our services in 110000 locations all over the world.


Why do people choose Leader?


  •          Powerful Customized IT  platform
  •          Our interface / integration to your remittance software
  •          The lowest rate to Russia and CIS countries from MENA region
  •          The largest CIS and Russia corridors coverage
  •          Over 110000 customer service points
  •          Customer Leader`s bonus loyalty
  •          Multilinguist customer support 24/7
  •          English/ Russian / Tajik/ Ukrainian/ Kyrgyz/ Georgian